ADOT snowplow crews at work

There’s a chance for snow in parts of the state today and tomorrow, which means ADOT’s snowplow drivers are getting ready for the storm ahead…

Now, while the rest of us may prep for wintry weather by finding a blanket and a warm mug of cocoa, ADOT’s snowplow drivers have a much bigger agenda.

They’re charged with keeping the state’s roads clear and safe, but many motorists may not realize the effort it takes. That’s why today’s video is so great, because it shows us a day in the life of a snowplow driver.

And, what a long day it is!

“Our shift runs from midnight until noon … if it’s snowing, we’re out here all night long,” says snowplow driver Joe Chavez.

Respect the plow!

As these snowplow drivers do their job, they need the cooperation of other motorists. Here are a few tips to remember if you’re driving near a plow:

  • Never pass a snowplow! Slow down and be patient.
  • Stay at least four car lengths behind snowplows and equipment. Plowed snow can create a cloud that reduces visibility, and spreaders on trucks throw salt or sand that can damage your vehicle.
  • Watch for snowplows operating in multiple travel lanes or in tandem.
  • If approaching an oncoming snowplow, slow down and give the plow extra room.

Get more driving tips and find useful information over on our “Know Snow” Web page. You can also check out our previous blog posts and videos for even more about how ADOT prepares for the snowy season.