From the Director: Life is a highway

From the Director: Life is a highway

By John Halikowski / ADOT Director
July 29, 2021

“Life is a highway” is the title of the popular song sung by both Tom Cochrane and Rascal Flatts. It also is the first line in one of two winning messages in the Arizona Department of Transportation’s annual Safety Message Contest. Here is the full message:

This is a clever and poignant message about the life-saving importance of wearing a seatbelt in a vehicle, whether you are the driver or passenger.

Now in its fifth year, ADOT’s annual Safety Message Contest allows the public to be a part of our communication efforts, to remind everyone to be responsible drivers behind the wheel. It’s a creative public engagement idea that I value and appreciate, and it always generates excitement! 

For this year’s contest, we had more than 2,400 entries. The public voted on the top 10 finalists, with 6,000 votes to identify the top two entries. We have had more than 18,000 entries since the contest began in 2016. Thank you to those of you who entered the contest and for voting. 

The other winning entry is a reminder to not panic if you miss an exit:






Life is indeed a highway. Always wear your seatbelt and don’t panic if you miss an exit!


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