Engineers Week celebrates how engineering makes a difference in our world

Group of Engineers touring

Assistant State Engineer Julie Kliewer leads a tour for future engineers. Read more in this blog post.

Building a road or a bridge without engineers would be just about impossible…

Even if you did somehow manage to construct something without an engineer’s expertise, it likely wouldn’t be very sound or safe. It probably wouldn’t last too long either.

So, yes, engineers are pretty important here at ADOT. Much of what the agency does depends on their skill and know-how.

Engineers are important to other fields besides transportation. In fact, engineers help create a lot of the objects we use every single day.

It’s no wonder, there’s a whole week devoted to them. What, you didn’t know that there’s an “engineers week”? There is and it’s happening right now!

Engineers Week

According to the Engineers Week website, this week is about celebrating how engineers make a difference in our world.

Since engineers play such a critical role here at ADOT, we thought we’d take this opportunity to look back at some of our previous engineering-focused blog posts.