Governor proclaims: Let's hear it for Arizona's volunteers

Six photos of Adopt a Highway volunteers

EDITOR'S NOTE: With Governor Doug Ducey proclaiming April 7-13 Arizona Volunteer Week, we're sharing a note that Mary J. Currie, who oversees ADOT Adopt a Highway programs, sent to the many volunteers who help make Arizona a nicer place by cleaning up litter along state highways. She also shared a copy of the proclamation, which is below. In the photos above, Mary, a volunteer herself, is at far left and bottom right.

Arizona Volunteer Week Proclamation

National Volunteer Week is observed April 7-13 this year. We kicked off the celebration with a tribute to one of our longstanding volunteer groups (Adopt a Highway Volunteers appreciated all year, not just during National Volunteer Week). I am very proud of our nearly 10,000 volunteers who support our efforts to clean up Arizona's roadways.

Governor Ducey honored Adopt a Highway volunteers and all other volunteers who make Arizona such a special place by proclaiming Arizona Volunteer Week. I'm pleased to share that proclamation with you.

Thank you for enhancing the overall quality of life in your community, and choosing to do that through the Arizona Department of Transportation's Adopt a Highway volunteer program. For more information about the ADOT Adopt a Highway program please visit