Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway volunteers
Thank you to volunteers who help keep our villages and not-so-pointy mountains litter-free.
Adopt a Highway volunteers
The Arizona Department of Transportation remembers veterans for the commitment made to our great nation and those who continue...
Adopt a Highway volunteers
One community in Happy Jack is celebrating 32 years of particiption in Arizona's Adopt a Highway program!
Adopt a Highway volunteers
On National CleanUp Day on Sept. 17, 39 volunteer groups and 215 individual volunteers in 11 counties in Arizona filled 335 litter bags and gathered larger debris into piles for disposal totalling 2.3 tons.
National Cleanup Day Frame
Celebrate Adopt a Highway with frames and GIFs on your social media.
Adopt a Highway volunteers
Adopt a Highway volunteers, assemble! We've got pointers for National CleanUp Day!
litter volunteers
Registration opens Aug. 17 for Adopt a Highway volunteer groups and others wanting a one-day permit to clean litter along a designated one- or two-mile segment of highway.
National Cleanup Day is Saturday, Sept. 17. Mark your calendar and watch for registration information in the coming weeks.
AAH 2021 Infographic
Have you thought about becoming an Adopt a Highway volunteer? Here's all you need to know about joining the program and keeping Arizona grand.


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