Highway workers have tips for coping with Arizona’s blistering heat

By Peter Corbett / ADOT Communications

Works lower panels into place.

Joined by news media, we were out at a South Mountain Freeway construction site this morning talking about how workers beat the extreme heat.

In fact, many ADOT crews and contractors' employees work outdoors throughout the year, and things these workers do when the temperature blows past 110 can help keep you safe as well:

  • Start work earlier in the day and finish before the hottest part of the day in the afternoon.
  • Stay hydrated with cool water.
  • Use sun protection, including a hat, light-colored and long-sleeved cotton shirt, and wear sunscreen.
  • Use a buddy system to watch for early signs of heat illness.
  • If you’re not used to working in extreme heat, acclimate over several days by taking extra time to rest in the shade and drink water.

In addition, ADOT has tips for traveling in extreme heat at azdot.gov/extreme-heat.