South Mountain Freeway

South Mountain Freeway traffic camera
Our traveler information website,, now offers views from the South Mountain Freeway.
SMF Award Voting
The Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway is up for an award, but whether it receives the award is up to you!
L-202 SMF Shared use bike path 1
To build the best possible shared used path along the South Mountain Freeway, ADOT went and talked to the experts - the bicyclists and other residents who will use it.
SR 347 overpass AASHTO Award
Three ADOT projects from the last year have been recognized as some of the best in the industry in the 2020 America's Transportation Awards.
Shared use path for South Mountain Freeway
We're very excited for the shared-use path along the South Mountain Freeway to open, but it's not quite ready yet! That's why we are asking folks to please wait until everything is done to start enjoying it.
ADOT Kids freeway designs
How long is the South Mountain Freeway? How wide are the lanes? How did we set the speed limit? ADOT Kids asked, and we answer. Plus we share everyone's freeway designs.
South Mountain quiz title card
Please take our quiz and then see how well your parents or friends can do.
South Mountain Freeway
We've compiled videos from the South Mountain Freeway project to help inspire your art along the freeway.


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