New northwestern Arizona bridge will be ready for traffic in just four days

By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications

Thinking about heading to Oatman, the burro capital of Arizona? Very soon you’ll be driving over a new bridge crossing Sacramento Wash to get there from I-40 in Topock.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. So what? Just another bridge, right?

Well, this is Arizona’s first prefabricated bridge. ADOT is administering this project for Mohave County, which received a Federal Highway Administration grant.

The bridge wasn't built at the project site but in the Phoenix area, where the contractor had space next to another ADOT project it was working on. This week, crews are assembling sections that fit together kind of like Legos. The innovative approach saves both time and money while cutting down on closures that would be needed to build a conventional bridge.

Instead of shutting down Oatman Highway (also known as Old Route 66) for weeks, the project requires just a four-day closure while the bridge is assembled.

Check out the photos above of the crews putting the bridge together. It will open in time for travel this weekend.