Planning priorities: ADOT wants your opinion to shape Long-Range Transportation Plan

Grand Canyon State Welcome Sign

Grand Canyon State Welcome Sign

By Laura Douglas / ADOT Communications

Got five minutes? Your input will help guide ADOT’s 25-year Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Today the department launched a quick, easy, interactive survey that allows users to pick what’s important to them when it comes to Arizona’s transportation investment priorities from now until 2040.

The tool guides you through six investment choices for transportation infrastructure: preservation, expansion, safety, technology, accessibility, and maintenance and operations. Once you rank these priorities, you’ll be guided to a screen providing a budget and allowing you to determine how much you’d allocate for each priority. The survey finishes with trade-off scenarios that will further define your priorities.

ADOT’s Long-Range Transportation Plan is updated every five years. While it isn’t project-specific, it identifies investment priorities based on current and projected transportation funding during the next 25 years. However, limited revenues will not meet all current and future transportation needs. The process requires distributing transportation funding to balance preservation, expansion and modernization of our system.

It’s up to the public, policymakers and communities to tell ADOT what’s important to them throughout the long-range planning process and to prioritize projects and funding.