Set up timely alerts on "My AZ511"

By Laurie Merrill / ADOT Communications

AZ511 application Manage Routes & Alerts with arrow to Create New Alert.

The new AZ511 system at allows motorists to personalize the alerts they receive. Users can create alerts to correspond to the routes they have set up.

Assuming you have set up a few of your most commonly traveled routes under "Manage My Routes,” you can open them under My AZ511. To the right of each route, you will several columns, including Posted Travel Time, Current Travel Time and Distance.

To the right of those, you will see tabs for View, Create Alert, Edit and Delete.

AZ511 application Manage Routes with arrows

To set up alerts, click on Create Alert. This will open a screen that allows you to further personalize your travel experience. You are required to name your alert. If you have named your travel route something like “Home Again,” you can name your corresponding alert something like “Home Again Alert.”

You can set up under what circumstances you wish to receive an alert. You can choose to be notified when traffic on your route has slowed down and when travel time has increased. You can ask to be notified of certain incidents and events along your route.

You can tailor your alert even further by requesting to be alerted during certain hours and on days of the week and whether you want to be notified by email or SMS.

AZ511 application Event with arrows.

The cool thing to remember is you can’t really make any mistakes. Anything you don’t like you can edit. If you want to start all over you can also delete your alerts!

Don't forget to add your phone when you create your My 511 account. If you've created a route, you can call the 511 system from the phone number linked to your account and hear a traffic report for the route you've created.