Snowballs and safety: Why you shouldn't park along highways to play in the snow

By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications

We understand the temptation, but the highway shoulder is NOT a safe place to pull over and play in the snow.

That may seem obvious, but it’s a common mistake people make when heading up north for a day of snow play. As we shared this week, parking along I-17, US 180 or another highway imperils you, your traveling companions, other motorists and first responders.

Among the hazards:

  • Other drivers may be distracted by your vehicle.
  • Other drivers may pull over as well to play in the snow, compounding the problem.
  • Your vehicle may interfere with first responders who need to use the shoulder.
  • As shown above, ADOT plows can throw snow and ice far off highways. You don’t want you or your kids hit by the wave from a snowplow. Trust us.

For safety, exit and re-enter highways from on- and off-ramps and other designated entrances. Then park in designated places.

We want your trip to the high country to be fun and memorable. That starts with how you prepare (see for tips) and continues with where you park.