Crews installing reflective sheeting on an I-17 bridge deck
To prevent lower-height bridge decks along Interstate 17 from getting hit by trucks, ADOT employees explored ways to bring attention to the bridge decks. And found a solution that's working.
It's almost Halloween, so it's time to be the good witch and not the bad witch. Be patient, cautious and mindful of a horde of candy seekers.
School bus on freeway
Back-to-school means it's time for drivers to brush up on their driving skills to keep kids safe.
November 1969 Arizona Highway Department Drumbeats courteous driver self-examination
Are you a courteous driver? This article from 1969 has us asking ourselves this deep question.
ADOTKids bicycle safety
For the #ADOTKids out there, bicycles are how you get around. Since we are interested in all forms of transportation at ADOT, here are some tips to remain safe while riding through your neighborhood!


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