SRP truck puts out fire
ADOT has honored three SRP employees who jumped in to help during a vehicle fire on I-10.
Crash Facts graphic 2018
At ADOT, our No. 1 goal is for everyone to get home safely. Of course, we cannot accomplish that goal alone. We need drivers to...
Shark in traffic
It's Shark Week, but on Arizona roads we have something else to be on the look out for.
Rain storm
On this date in 1917, some heavy weather took a toll on the Ajo Highway and in Flagstaff. It's as good a reason as any to talk about driving safely in bad weather.
Don't park in tall brush DMS
Those signs saying don't park in tall brush or don't drag chains? There's a serious reason for them.
Your words here! Enter ADOT's Message Contest
Within 24 hours of launching our Safety Message Contest, we’d received more than 1,400 entries. After 48 hours the total number of submissions had climbed to 2,000.
ADOT employee Jose Baeza rescued two motorists suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning
Our employees see a variety of emergencies on freeways, but recently, thanks to some keen observation, one was able to help two motorists who faced a silent danger.
Semi Trucks in Port of Entry Inspection Bay
ADOT's International Border Inspection Qualification has helped Mexican truckers achieve a more than 99 percent success rate on safety inspections while crossing the international border.


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