Some deep questions from 1969

Some deep questions from 1969

By David Rookhuyzen / ADOT Communications
July 22, 2021

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but as long as there have been cars, there have been drivers.

And while that statement seems incredibly self-apparent, it's always something important to remember. There are people behind the wheel of each vehicle. They are our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and, well, us!  

With all us being human, it's only natural that we would all need to do a self-check on our driving habits.

That's why we were so interested lately when we stumbled upon a November 1969 article from "Hiway Drumbeats," the old employee newsletter for the Arizona Highway Department (the precursor to ADOT). The headline immediately caught our eye: "Are You a Courteous Driver?"

It's a great question. And the interrogation didn't stop at the headline. What followed was a self-evaluation of sorts for every driver out there. And despite it being nearly 52 years old, we think everyone would benefit from this bit of introspection. That's why we thought we would share it with you now:  

Here is a list of questions – with the current emphasis on safe driving habits by Governor Jack Williams – which will permit any driver to give himself a road courtesy test.

How do you measure up? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I follow the car ahead too closely?
  • Do I inconsiderately make turns from the wrong traffic lane?
  • Do I fail to give proper directional or hand signals?
  • Do I aggressively deny another driver the right of way?
  • Do I obstinately insist on the right of way if the other fellow happens to be out of line?
  • Do I weave in and out of traffic?
  • Do I pass other cars on hills or curves?
  • Do I bullishly try to bluff other drivers?
  • Do I fail to use the horn when necessary to warn other drivers?
  • Do I irritate drivers and pedestrians by unnecessary use of the horn?
  • Am I the one who forgets to dim lights for other drivers?
  • Am I a road hog?
  • Do I refuse to wait for pedestrians who may be crossing the street when the light turns?
  • Do I block the pedestrian crosswalk while waiting for the light?
  • Do I endanger others as well as myself by driving after drinking?
  • Do I drive at excessive speed or exceed lawful limits?
  • Do I give the driver from the side street a break?
  • Do I double park?

Well, how did you do? Passed with flying colors or is your conscious tingling just a bit? 

If it's the former, we hope you take this as a reminder to keep up the good habits. If it's the latter, the good news is we can work on this every single time we get behind the wheel.

And definitley don't wait another 52 years to give yourself this quiz again.

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