From start to finish: How ADOT builds a freeway

Worker running construction equipment on Loop 303

Crews work on a portion of Loop 303. Keep reading our new "Building a Freeway" series to find out what they're doing.

When ADOT builds a road, the work gets started years (sometimes decades) ahead of any real construction …

It all begins with the planning phase, which includes everything from determining where a new roadway is most needed to taking a look at available funding.

From there, environmental studies are completed, public involvement is conducted and preliminary plans get designed. ADOT continues to engage the public as engineers begin developing more detailed project plans. Through each phase of the project, ADOT coordinates with other government agencies, developer/landowners and utility companies.

By the time the project is ready for construction, a considerable amount of time has been invested, but there’s still a lot of work left to be done!

(By the way, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what it takes to build a road, but hopefully you can see that it’s a big job.)

 Crews building an underpass for construction vehicles to use during construction.

More work on Loop 303. Crews are building an underpass for construction vehicles to use during the build.

We want to give you a more detailed look at each step, so today we’re kicking off a long-term series of blog posts and videos designed to show how ADOT builds a road from start to finish.

Like we said in our very first blog post, we want to use this space to help inform people about what we do and why and how we do it.

We hope you stay tuned and look out for posts tagged with “Building a Freeway.” It all starts tomorrow with a video and blog post on pre-wetting -- one of the very first steps in the construction phase.