ADOT improving traffic flow on SR 95 in Lake Havasu with traffic signal coordination

Technology has smoothed traffic flow elsewhere in Arizona

PHOENIX –  Lake Havasu City residents and visitors will start experiencing a smoother flow of traffic on SR 95. Traffic signal crews with the Arizona Department of Transportation are installing updated traffic management technology on 20 signals along a 13-mile stretch of the highway 

In 2017, ADOT installed this technology along traffic signals in a 3-mile stretch of SR 69 in Prescott Valley and a 6-mile stretch of SR 69 in Prescott. The result has been an improvement in travel times by as much as 40%. It has also been implemented in Phoenix and Tucson. Using it, engineers monitor traffic conditions remotely, adjust signal timing, and diagnose and correct problems. The signals automatically adjust timing at certain times of the day based on anticipated traffic. 

Crews will be adding the remote technology from McCulloch Boulevard South to London Bridge Road. After installation, crews will monitor and make adjustments over the next month to optimize traffic flow at different times of the day.

The cost of the project is nearly $229,000.

These changes are being made through ADOT’s Transportation Systems Management & Operations Division. This division brings together traffic-engineering resources around the state to maximize resources, technology and expertise. This includes collaborating with other transportation and public safety agencies.