DUI training helps ADOT nab impaired drivers at ports of entry

Impaired commercial driver arrested at Topock POE

DUI training at Topock POEPHOENIX – After wandering across both directions of Interstate 40 on foot and into the eastbound facility of the Topock Port of Entry this past spring, an impaired commercial driver was taken into custody after an ADOT Enforcement and Compliance officer recognized the signs and symptoms of impairment thanks to DUI training.

The training, which is funded through a grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, consists of the common indicators of someone under the influence, conducting standard field sobriety tests, guidance on DUI investigations and obtaining e-warrants. Currently, 52 ADOT officers have taken one or more of the training classes.

“Being able to identify commercial drivers who come into the ports under the influence and take them off the road helps keep everyone safer,” said Tim Lane, director of ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division. “Though our operations are primarily confined to the ports of entry, our officers see lots of different situations. Having the proper training helps us do our jobs more effectively.”

The training classes are held throughout the year at different locations around the state. Refresher courses are also held for officers who have already completed training. 

“Driving impaired is always dangerous and deadly, but an impaired driver behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle takes it to a whole new level,” said Alberto Gutier, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. “We are glad to help fund efforts to catch impaired commercial drivers at the ports of entry and help keep Arizona’s roads safer.” 

The DUI training paid off earlier this year when a commercial driver, who was determined to be under the influence of methamphetamine, entered the Topock Port of Entry. Sgt. Jill Osgood with ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division was able to recognize the signs the driver was exhibiting due to the training. 

More officers and customer service representatives at the ports of entry going through the training means better preparedness to identify commercial drivers under the influence and take them off the road.

ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division protects Arizona’s transportation infrastructure and promotes road safety through the inspection of commercial vehicles at the state’s ports of entry and mobile inspection stations. 

For more information, visit azdot.gov/enforcement.