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Live Chat with MVD offers quick access to answers and services

Live Chat with MVD offers quick access to answers and services

January 25, 2023

Questions can be answered quickly right from your computer

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) recently started providing customers the ability to Live Chat with an MVD expert directly on the azdot.gov website.  

This new way to address questions, or even complete some services, allows people to work directly with an MVD expert online from the comforts of their own computer or cell phone in real time. The new service began in September 2022 with over 8,700 chats. Since then, the service has increased in popularity to approximately 22,000 chats per month. Prior to this, questions could be answered in the office, over the phone, or via email, which could require several responses back and forth to fully address the customer’s issue. Now a single chat conversation can accomplish this in mere minutes, if not faster.

Each live chat could potentially save the customer a trip to their local MVD office and help  shorten wait times for all customers across Arizona. Customers are able to contact MVD via chat through azdot.gov to address their concerns, receive answers to questions, or even accomplish certain tasks such as submitting a sold notice, changing your address, replacing a disability placard, scheduling appointments and receiving assistance with navigating around azmvdnow.gov.

To get out of line and safely on the road, customers can also utilize azmvdnow.gov, call the MVD at 602 255-0072 or visit their local MVD office for assistance, where average wait times are just over 10 minutes. 

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