New digital billboards urge drivers to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’

ADOT partners with OUTFRONT Media on new dust storm safety messaging for drivers in Phoenix metro area

PHOENIX – As the summer monsoon season continues to bring thunderstorms and an increased risk of dust storms, the Arizona Department of Transportation is bolstering its efforts to warn motorists about the dangers of dust storms with a new partnership with OUTFRONT Media’s digital billboards in the Phoenix metro area.

Fourteen digital billboards, boldly stating “Don’t Drive Into A Dust Storm” in uppercase letters, are now posted prominently near two of the busiest freeways in the Phoenix metro area – Interstate 10 and Interstate 17.

The whopping LED displays are 14 feet by 48 feet and include a web address ( to the “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” public awareness campaign site, which was launched in 2012 in collaboration with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service.

Don't Drive into a Dust Storm -

"ADOT’s goal is to provide valuable information to drivers before they get caught in a low-visibility dust storm,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “We see great value and importance in community partnerships with organizations like OUTFRONT Media – especially for a critical public safety issue like dust storms – to help spread the message that motorists must be cautious and aware of the dangers posed by bad weather, and above all, exercise good judgment in these situations.”

The Pull Aside, Stay Alive campaign, which is now in its fourth year, was re-activated last month at the start of monsoon season in Arizona as ADOT continues to educate drivers about the year-round threat of dust storms. Dust storms pose a serious public safety risk because they are quick moving and hard to predict. Motorists can protect themselves if they plan ahead and know the safe actions to take when the dust hits.

OUTFRONT Media, who is the leading provider of digital out-of-home in the metro Phoenix market, agreed to aid ADOT’s efforts to raise awareness on the threats of dust storms this monsoon season.

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