Redesigned ASU specialty plate debuts

New look is first change since 2010

PHOENIX – ASU faithful now have a new way to show their support for Arizona State University’s Sun Devils as the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division unveils the redesigned ASU specialty license plate.

Arizona State University License PlateThe plate replaces the primarily gold background and a maroon “Sparky” with a black background featuring the ASU pitchfork prominently in the center.

This is the third version of the Sun Devil plate, which was first introduced along with specialty plates for Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona when the program began in 1989. Prior to this newest update, the ASU plate was last re-designed in 2010.

Because the ASU license plate is a new design, anyone with the current plate design can request the new plate design for a $5 replacement fee, but the exchange must occur at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office. The current ASU license plate design is still valid for use.

The redesigned ASU license plate has an annual fee of $25 for a non-personalized plate and $50 for a personalized plate, with $17 going to support the university’s scholarship program. Vehicle owners can purchase the new plates at any MVD or Authorized Third Party office location or online at There are no special requirements to get the license plate. The plate is also available with a disability symbol to those who qualify.

The specialty plate program began in 1989, and in the most recent Fiscal Year sales generated nearly $10 million for charitable causes and services in Arizona.

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