Tis the season to give: ADOT has several unique options

Specialty plates, Arizona Highways, Adopt a highway and more

Whether you are looking for that unique gift, or the gift of helping people, the Arizona Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Division have great options such as specialty plates, Arizona Highways magazine subscription or calendar, Adopt a Highway participation or the possible gift of life by registering as an organ donor.  

With more than 70 specialty plates to choose from, there’s something to please every car owner. Best of all, a portion of the money used to purchase specialty plates goes to charities and organizations in Arizona. Last year, Arizona’s specialty plates raised over $11 million for charitable causes. Options include the professional sports teams, Arizona Universities, Route 66 and dozens of other options.

All specialty plate options can be viewed and ordered online at www.azmvdnow.gov. As long as the vehicle is registered in Arizona and the eligibility requirements are met, you can give a specialty plate this holiday season.

Trying to find a gift for someone that loves the beauty of Arizona? A gift subscription to Arizona Highways magazine can bring the splendor, beauty and history of Arizona into their homes. Each month they will receive a new issue filled with articles and amazing photographs from across Arizona. Of course, there are many other gift options including a 2023 calendar, jewelry, art and even holiday ornaments. 


Another gift idea will not even cost you any money. If you haven't already, why not consider giving the gift of life? Millions Arizonans have signed up to be organ and tissue donors through Donor Network of Arizona, which partners with the Motor Vehicle Division. Check the box to become a donor. It's a charitable act that will definitely get you into the holiday spirit and maybe give someone else a precious gift in the future.

Maybe you are looking to give back to the community as a gift this season. A great group option is to bring family and friends together and Adopt a Highway. Your group can join volunteer groups that are cleaning almost 2,000 miles of landscape along state highways, keeping Arizona beautiful for everyone. 

These gift ideas are way more unique than buying socks, ties or even the dreaded fruit cake.