Adopt a Highway: Remembering Arizona’s memorial groups

Adopt a Highway: Remembering Arizona’s memorial groups

November 6, 2018

Adopt a highway sign, "Clint Fluhr, Forever in our hearst"

By Mary J. Currie /ADOT Communications

Adopt a Highway groups choose their segments of road for a variety of reasons: environment, community, teamwork and groups with like-minded beliefs.

What do they have in common? A commitment to removing unsightly litter and beautifying our highways.

More than 400 groups statewide adopted their segments as a memorial or remembrance of a friend or family member close to them. This isn't an easy subject to think about or write, but a subject that I want to share, including the silver lining.

It is my privilege to have met or conversed with group leaders who have shared their unique stories with me. The common thread: Memorial groups remember their loved ones by carrying out a meaningful service to the community in their honor.

If you are interested in a memorial adoption, please contact an ADOT permit technician located in your area for more information.

I will leave you with this:

Our son Clint passed away in September of 2007 at the age of 23. He loved the mountains and loved our family cabin in Pinetop. Spending time with his cousins and friends running around the forest was something that always put a smile on his face. As he got older his favorite thing to do was to go to Sunrise ski resort and snowboard.

We love the ADOT Adopt a Highway program that allows us, his family and friends, to honor Clint through keeping the highway and forest clean at Milepost 267 and in doing so remembering him.

Keeping Arizona Highways clean is important to us and being a volunteer through ADOT is our way of contributing to an important cause.

The Fluhr Family
SR 260, Milepost 267

Thank you to the Fluhr family and others who have shared their stories with me and who have found the silver lining.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author oversees ADOT's Adopt a Highway program.

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