ADOT Blog marks 100th post

ADOT Blog marks 100th post

November 2, 2011
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We started this blog back in April with a definite vision in mind…,>

Informing readers about ADOT projects, programs and services was certainly our aim, but we also wanted to give some insight on why and how we do things around here and maybe even highlight some cool facts about our state’s transportation system.

Here we are, 100 blog posts (and nearly 55,000 page views and 34,000 YouTube views) later, and we seem to be well on our way to achieving those goals.

We’re proud of the 100-post milestone and the direction we’re going, but there’s still a lot of road to cover!

So, before we get to work on the next 100 posts, we wanted to check in with our readers and get a little feedback from you...

Tell us (either here or on our Facebook page) about the types of stories and videos you want to see more of. Which stories have been the most helpful or interesting so far? What transportation questions haven’t yet been answered?

Most importantly, we just want to say thank you for reading! We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit (and comment on) our blog!

And to show our appreciation, we bring you the first-ever ADOT Blog Top 10 List…

Top 10 things to expect if you read all 100 posts on the ADOT Blog

10)  Seeing each of the eight freeway-sized ‘welcome to Arizona’ signs will become No. 1 on your bucket list.

9)  Youll start to develop several detailed theories on who (or what) decorates I-17’s mystery tree each year.

8)  You’ll think oversize loads are as cool as we do!

7)  You’ll realize you, too, have a burning question about ramp meters (it has received the most questions of any post).

6)  You’ll want to watch and re-watch all our videos.

5)  You will have no problem spotting the subtle differences between Clearview and Highway Gothic type faces.

4)  It might take a few tries, but you’ll ace the driver license online practice test.

3)  You’ll appreciate this.

2)  You’ll finally know the secret to a clean I-10 tunnel.

1)  You will be able to use ‘wattle’ in a sentence.