Art of Transportation: Up, up and away

Art of Transportation: Up, up and away

By John Dougherty / ADOT Communications
July 16, 2020

While construction can seem slow at times, big projects are always advancing upward. That's why we love this captivating photo that draws our focus upward.

The dynamic and a bit metaphorical shot below shows crews hard (and high) at work building the supports for the new bridge on US 60 over Pinto Creek. As you can see, things are defintely going in the right direction to complete this important project. The sun is even shining down, with the line of the lens flare meeeting the line of the rebar.

It may not be as fun as watching rock blasting, but you can still see that things are looking up for the new bridge.

Art of Transportation
We think there is beauty in transportation. It’s not all hard hats and pavement. Art of Transportation is a blog series featuring unique photos our team has taken while on the road or on a construction project.