Art of Transportation: Interchange beauty from above

Art of Transportation: Interchange beauty from above

By Laurie Merrill / ADOT Communications
September 17, 2021

When seen from above, a simple ordinary thing can suddenly transform. 

So it is with the engineering marvel that is the Loop 202 South Mountain-Interstate 10 interchange. What may seem like yet another highway convergence when seen from ground level becomes a vision of beauty when seen through the lens of a drone.  

Looking down, we see an aesthetically pleasing swirl of roadways with gentle curves and graceful lines, but there are some wonderful details that keep the eye focused. 

For example, the  roadways are not of one dimension but rise to four different levels, starting at the ground and elevating higher.  

You can also see varying roadway widths as the number of vehicle lanes fluctuates from one to four. 

Pleasing geometric shapes also meet our gaze, from surfaces that are long and rectangular to others that bend in graceful angles.

What’s more, were you to fold the image down the middle, you would find two halves that nearly mirror each other. 

Finally, shadows from late afternoon sun form yet another pleasant visual element. 

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