From big rigs to doughnut trucks, MVD has good news for commercial drivers

From big rigs to doughnut trucks, MVD has good news for commercial drivers

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications
March 3, 2020

We here at the ol' ADOT ranch love the men and women who ply the roadways in commercial vehicles. 

Whether it's driving a big rig all over the fruited plain or delivering doughnuts to the local gas station, commercial drivers are, in many ways, the lifeblood of our economy. (Kinda like doughnuts are the lifeblood of many of the hired hands here at the ranch).

But we digress ...

Because of our respect for these hardworking folks, we're proud to let the world know that getting Commercial Driver License (CDL) services at the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division has become a lot easier. 

Time was, CDL services were only available at select locations throughout the state. We knew it wasn't the best way to do things, so we made a bold decision, and, well, improved the situation. 

That's not a novel idea at the MVD. We're on a mission to continuously improve and implement the principles of the Arizona Management System, which is designed to empower all state employees to make changes for the better. 

In the CDL world, this means most CDL services are now offered at all full-time MVD locations statewide and anyone who needs to get a CDL or most other commercial driver service doesn’t have to go to a special CDL office anymore. The only exception is commercial driver road tests, which are available at many, but not all, MVD locations.

You can learn more in this media release we put on our site.

And if there are any doughnut delivery drivers out there ... you know how to find us.