Five tips to ensure you’re ‘appy’ with the ADOT app

Five tips to ensure you’re ‘appy’ with the ADOT app

November 6, 2017

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By Caroline Carpenter / ADOT Communications

So you’ve downloaded the ADOT Alerts app and been entered for a Dutch Bros. gift card, but you’re not sure if you’re receiving alerts or you’ve missed an alert. Below are five tips to customize the app to your needs.

1. Make sure you’ve enabled location services on the app. We use geofencing to send the alerts to a targeted area. Enabling location services will ensure you get alerts meant for your location. The app can be especially helpful when you’re driving across the state and want to avoid major traffic incidents.

2. In the app settings, enable push notifications. This will allow you to receive notifications without having to open up the app. You’ll receive updates on unplanned major traffic incidents on your cellphone without having to do anything!

3. If you want to receive updates on additional locations, there is a setting called “watched locations." It will allow you to receive alerts for specific locations in addition to your current location. You can add location notifications under “settings” in the ADOT app.

4. If you think the app hasn’t notified of you of an alert, there are a couple of things you can do. First go into settings and send yourself a test alert under “verify system functionality.” If you still think something is wrong, you may contact the ADOT app developer via email in the settings tab.

5. Make sure you set preferences in the ADOT app alert settings. You can decide if you want quiet hours, what sound you’d like to hear when an alert is issued and what type of alerts you’re interested in receiving.

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