MVD director does a little good with mini-Tesla donation

MVD director does a little good with mini-Tesla donation

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications
November 7, 2019

Some people like big cars, or maybe a truck.

Others prefer something sporty.

There are those who go for the small, economical vehicle.

And then there are people like ADOT Motor Vehicle Division Director Eric Jorgensen who get a vehicle that, well, might be a tad too small.

But that’s OK, because this story ends happily.

Eric does a great job running the MVD (Did we mention the average wait time at MVD is way lower now than just a few years ago? If not…) A few months ago he was at a regional motor vehicle agency conference where attendees participated in a no-cost raffle. The prize? A pint-size Tesla and U-Haul trailer.

Guess who won?

Now, Eric’s no giant but this is a kid’s car, so Eric didn’t need any convincing; the Tesla and U-Haul should find a home at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

So that’s exactly what he did, donating these great vehicles to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, where it can help children in need of medical attention and their families get some joy at what is a pretty tough time in life. That's Eric on the left in this picture, standing alongside Christianna Millan from the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation and Joe Cook, vice president of government relations for U-Haul.

The Tesla actually operates, with working headlights and even a sound system. The trailer has a functional hitch and the two go together like peas and carrots. They were initially donated for the raffle by U-Haul, a great Arizona-based company.

The MVD vision is to “Get Arizona out of line and safely on the road.” In this case, we might modify that to “Get children on the road to recovery and safely home.”

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