MVD is hitting the road thanks to a new mobile office

MVD is hitting the road thanks to a new mobile office

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications
August 14, 2019

You’ve probably heard of the Motor Vehicle Division. It’s the group of fun-lovin’ people who take your driver license photo, process a complex title transaction and a whole bunch of other really important things you need to get out of line and safely on the road.

Well now, the Motor Vehicle Division is really taking the “motor vehicle” part literally and getting itself on the road.

You might say how? And we’ll pause to allow you time to say that.



Now that we’ve been asked, we’re happy to tell you about the Mobile MVD office. Yep, MVD is hitting the road.

Earlier this year, MVD took possession of an RV that another ADOT division no longer needed and fitted it out with five service counters and a photo station so that most MVD services except for written and road tests could be offered. Oh, and it got a cool new paint job too.

In fact, there are several places around Arizona that have already seen this new office in their communities. That’s because with an ongoing training program that requires us to shut down an office for a week at a time, there are some areas that have been served by this mobile office to fill the gaps.

The office got a real test when a pipe burst at the Prescott MVD recently and had to shut down unexpectedly. So with very little prep time, the Mobile RV rushed to the pines and made sure services were available.

It’s a pretty cool thing. The technology allows customers to sit at a work station and have a live interactive video session with a service representative located either in Phoenix or Tucson. Mobile office personnel can assist customers and keep things running smoothly.

Of course, the office can’t replace a large MVD location, so things might take a little longer and we suggest that people might use it for urgent services.

But no matter what your MVD needs are, this office expands the ways we can do business and reach Arizonans more conveniently by putting the motor(home) in MVD.