From the Rearview Mirror: Arizona Centennial

From the Rearview Mirror: Arizona Centennial

February 13, 2015

With hundreds of blog posts in our archives, we understand if you haven’t had a chance to read them all.

However, there’s a lot of interesting content in those early posts and we don’t want you to miss out. That’s why we’re looking back and highlighting some of our favorites in a new series called, “From the Rearview Mirror.


Do you remember what you were doing three years ago today? We sure do! Our team was prepping for Arizona’s big birthday on Feb. 14, 2012. Arizona was turning 100 and our plan was to document everything that ADOT does in a 24-hour span.

On the big day, we kept readers updated by sharing our photos through social media and on the ADOT Blog. The post below came along a month later and features video that was captured on the state’s Centennial. Now, as the state is almost set to turn 103, we want to say: Happy Birthday, Arizona!


Centennial video captures a day in ADOT history

When Arizona turned 100 last month, we celebrated by documenting everything ADOT does across the state in a single day.

And, oh what a day it was!

Our team was up early – out on the road, covering everything from construction projects and maintenance work to planning meetings and the MVD.

If you followed along with us back on Feb. 14, you saw our photos, kept up through social media and probably recall that we promised a mini-documentary detailing the day.

Well, that video is ready and we’re very proud to announce its premiere!

The video speaks for itself … so, we won’t say much more, except that we hope you’ll sit back, relax and enjoy what our team has put together!