Seriously, ADOT endorses throwing snowballs, sledding, etc.

Seriously, ADOT endorses throwing snowballs, sledding, etc.

December 23, 2016
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By Steve Elliott / ADOT Communications

So what does ADOT have against traveling to play in the snow?

Nothing, actually. We enjoy throwing snowballs, sledding, etc., as much as anyone. Being able to enjoy mild winters in our deserts and then be playing in the snow in just a few hours is one of the things that makes Arizona so special.

Then why, you may wonder, has ADOT spent so much time of late telling you what NOT to do when you're heading uphill for some winter fun?

Like when we warned against parking on highway shoulders to play in the snow. Or told you that holiday traffic can be heavy around popular snow-play areas, particularly along US 180 outside Flagstaff? Or posted a Facebook video telling you to not pass a snowplow, among other tips? Or warned you that too many people leave for the high country without emergency kits or even proper footwear?

It's simple: We want you to leave prepared and make smart decisions when you reach your winter wonderland of choice, whether that's the Flagstaff area, Mogollon Rim, White Mountains, Prescott or Mount Lemmon. That's part of wanting you to have fun.

With snow in the forecast for Christmas Eve and many people on vacation through New Year's weekend, there's a good chance you're thinking about heading for snow country.

If you do, have a great time. Seriously. Just Know Snow before you go. And be patient: Depending on the severity of the coming storm, it may take our plows some time to get snow and ice off the roads.

Please keep an eye on and our Facebook ( and Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) accounts for the latest highway conditions. You also can call 511.

We can't resist ending with one last piece of advice: When throwing snowballs (after dressing appropriately, driving safely, parking off the highway, etc.), you'll have more success if you aim for your opponent's center of gravity.

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