Transportation Management Plans help to minimize construction impacts

Transportation Management Plans help to minimize construction impacts

May 21, 2014

When you take on a big home-improvement project, there’s a lot of coordinating and organization that has to happen before you can even get started.

Let’s say you’re building a gazebo in your backyard. First, you’ll probably want to check with the city to see if you need a permit. Then, if there’s going to be any digging involved, you’ll have to notify Arizona Blue Stake. Maybe you’ll be a good neighbor and let the people next door know that you’re going to be making a lot of noise for the next couple of afternoons.

When ADOT takes on a project there’s so much more involved (not that we’re saying your gazebo project is easy!). We’ve blogged about ADOT’s extensive planning before, but today we have a specific type of plan to tell you about called a Transportation Management Plan (TMP).

To help us better explain, we’ll go back to the gazebo project for just a second...

Basically, a TMP is a much more formal version of you going to your neighbors and letting them know what’s going on. Except, in ADOT’s case, the neighbors play a very important role. The “neighbors” are the impacted municipalities, officials and emergency responders.

The TMP spells out the strategies and methods that will be implemented during the project to ensure a safe work zone. The plan also is intended to minimize impacts to drivers.

Here’s an even better explanation pulled directly from a TMP: “(A TMP’s) current role is to assist in the development of the design of construction phasing plans, traffic control plans and project specification document, and to facilitate discussions between ADOT, local governments and other key stakeholders. Key topics of the TMP include communication contacts, work zone impacts, schedules, detours, incident management, strategies and public outreach.”

You can see in the video above why a plan is so important. While the video details the planning that has gone on ahead of the I-15 project, we want to point out that all ADOT projects (big and small) get a TMP.

For more on how ADOT plans ahead, revisit some of our previous posts.

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