When a car catches fire on I-10, South Mountain Freeway crews come to the rescue

When a car catches fire on I-10, South Mountain Freeway crews come to the rescue

June 18, 2018

Smoking Car

By Dustin Krugel / ADOT Communications“Some heroes don’t wear capes”

“Johnny on The Spot”

“Hero of the day!”

Those were just some of the social media comments posted immediately after ADOT’s Facebook page shared images of a vehicle fire along Interstate 10 that was doused thanks to swift action by Connect 202 Partners crews working on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway project.

Around noon on Thursday, June 14, James Farr spotted a vehicle on fire on eastbound I-10 near 59th Avenue as he operated some heavy equipment on the westbound lanes as part of the construction to build a South Mountain Freeway interchange.

Farr immediately got on the radio and called for backup. Chris Krozel, another Connect 202 Partners employee, received the call as he was filling up his water truck as part of regular dust control operations (talk about good timing!).


Connect 202 Partners Employees

Krozel sprung into action, maneuvering his water truck past traffic and arriving on the scene to prevent the car from being engulfed in flames.

While this was occurring, laborers Luis A. Velaso, Gaspar Villasenor and Jose Uriostegui, working nearby, rushed to help driver and her child out of the vehicle and get them to safety.

When firefighters arrived, these workers went right back to work. The photo above shows them all: (from left) Gaspar Villasenor, Jose Uriostegui, James Farr, Chris Krozel and Luis A. Velaso.

Then, later in the day, family and friends read and shared the Facebook post, and the crews were surprised by the reaction.

“I felt like I was a superstar, but I was doing my job. It does feel good to help someone in need,” Chris Krozel said.

Added James Farr, “We are out here every day working with Connect 202 Partners. We are here to help. I’ve changed spare tires and everything. If we can give a helping hand, we’ll do it.”