Where are the chairs at MVD offices?

Where are the chairs at MVD offices?

May 16, 2018


By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications

Most of us probably have a favorite restaurant.

Maybe it’s the longtime favorite Mexican food hangout or a trendy new craft beer and Angus burger joint. Or is that craft burger and Angus beer? It’s getting confusing.

But I digress.

What I’m really talking about is the wait. Ah yes, the dreaded moment when you and your companions reach the hostess and she hands you a pager and asks you to wait 45 minutes and take a seat if you like. It’s pretty deflating, and it makes you hungrier, which is probably some nefarious plot.

A much better alternative is to be asked to wait just a moment while they get a table ready. Sweet victory! You can almost taste the craft Mexican burger, or whatever.

It’s just a more satisfying experience, and the good folks at the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division know that. It’s one reason we try to get you out of line and safely on the road with as little wait time as possible.

For about a year and a half, MVD has changed up the way customers are served at the busiest offices. Instead of having you walk up, get a number and be told to sit down and wait for the number to be called, we have a real, live human being help you.

This knowledgeable human being will greet you at the entrance, ask you what service you need and then make sure you have everything in order to get that service provided. If there’s a problem, we figure it out before you get served by one of our customer service representatives.

Fixing problems as soon as possible and directing people to the best line for the service they need has helped shorten the amount of time it takes for people to visit an MVD office. In 2015, it was an average of 52 minutes. Now it’s about 22 minutes.

So what does this have to do with waiting in chairs? Everything. With customers getting in and out much more quickly, there just isn’t demand for as many chairs as we used to have.

That doesn’t mean we got rid of them all; there are plenty for anyone who needs one. With more people zipping in and out in a matter of minutes, there’s almost no time to sit down anyway, which means you can beat the crowd to that new Italian joint with the amazing lasagna.