Work wraps up on SR 64 improvement project

Work wraps up on SR 64 improvement project

September 11, 2012

Construction had only recently started back when we first checked in on the SR 64 highway improvement project

That was about a year ago. Since then, well, just take a look at the video above and see for yourself how much this project has transformed the area’s landscape!

Work is now complete and the town of Tusayan (pop. 560) has a wider roadway, two new roundabouts, new bus pull-outs, enhanced landscaping, and several new crosswalks.

The upgrades were necessary because this small town happens to sit along the route leading to the popular south entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park. That means that Tusayan sees a lot of traffic (pedestrian and vehicle), so the lack of crosswalks and traffic signals had caused some concern.

The improvements are a welcome sight, according to Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan. He says now people have a place to properly cross the street.

“The safety factor coming through Tusayan has been vastly improved,” Bryan said.

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