Your input is important to ADOT’s planning and programming process

Your input is important to ADOT’s planning and programming process

By John Halikowski / ADOT Director
March 31, 2022

Your input is an important part of the planning and programming process at the Arizona Department of Transportation. The comment period has opened for the tentative 2023-2027 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program and I encourage you to let your voice be heard.

The Arizona State Transportation Board values the input from the public in deciding which projects get approved for inclusion in the Five-Year Program. It is a good time to remind you that our Five-Year plan isn’t just about highways. It includes multimodal transportation like public transit, pedestrian, bicycling and aviation. While serving as a blueprint for future projects, it also designates how much local, state and federal funding is allocated for those projects. 

There are several ways you can participate between now and June 2:

Complete an online comment form at:

Attend the open public hearing of the State Transportation Board at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 20. Meeting information can be found at

Email: [email protected]

Call the bilingual phone line at: 855.712.8530

Mail ADOT at: Attn: Courtney King, c/o ADOT Communications, 1655 W. Jackson, Room 179, MD 126F, Phoenix, AZ 85007

I also encourage you to visit the Five-Year Program web page to learn which projects - roads, bridges, safety improvement, transit and airports - are in the Tentative 2023-2027 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program.

ADOT is responsible for preserving the infrastructure we have built. The state highway system infrastructure is valued at $23.5 billion. Without a commitment to preservation, the system would cost $300 billion to replace. It’s ADOT’s responsibility to invest the funds in the Five-Year program to preserve the infrastructure we currently have. 

Let your voice be heard as part of ADOT’s planning and programming process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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