Meeting Contract Requirements (Prime Contractor)

Meeting Contract Requirements (Prime Contractor)

Working as a Prime Contractor for ADOT has several different aspects. This guide is broken up into several tabs to cover them:

Prime contractors must not only manage the project and oversee work done by employees and subcontractors, they must also work closely with ADOT to ensure that contract requirements are met and well documented.

ADOT Resident Engineers and Project Supervisors will maintain regular contact with you throughout the project. ADOT staff are responsible for inspections and oversight of the project.

Additionally, all ADOT construction projects require involvement in the partnering program: a formal process of collaborative teamwork that allows groups to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships. In general, partnering begins with a formal workshop and focuses on promoting communication, commitment, and cooperation throughout a project. The ADOT Office of Partnering exists to assist in developing and maintaining effective working relationships through the partnering program. To learn more about partnering, see the Partnering section of the ADOT website.

While working as a prime contractor, ADOT will send many internally produced documents to you for evaluation. Often, you are only expected to respond if you disagree with or would like to change some aspect of the document.

For example, the Resident Engineer is responsible for maintaining weekly time reports on the project to predict how much longer is left on the project. The first weekly time report created is sent to you to ensure that there is agreement about the time table, and then you have a week to protest it before it is accepted. Timely responses to communications from ADOT are critical for successfully managing a contract.