About BECO

About BECO

Compliance is Our Driver, Opportunity is Our Destination!

The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) is responsible for ensuring that ADOT, its subrecipients, contractors and consultants achieve full compliance with all applicable federal regulations related to disadvantaged and small business inclusion, equal and fair employment opportunity in contracting and on-the-job training for women and minorities in the construction trades by facilitating these efforts:

  • ADOT's good faith efforts to meet overall DBE participation goals
  • Compliance with all applicable federal requirements
  • Equal Employment Opportunity contractor compliance and On-the-Job Training contractor compliance to provide training and employment opportunities for women, minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals in the construction industry

Program Areas


The Operations Team provides overall strategic planning and management of the unit to ensure compliance with all applicable federal requirements. Operational management issues includes human resources, staff training, budget, facilities and project development.

Small Business and Workforce Development

DBE Certification

The certification team coordinates the Arizona Unified Certification Program (AZ UCP) that includes ADOT, Cities of Phoenix and Tucson, which is responsible for the certification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) firms in the state of Arizona. Currently there are more than 1,100 firms certified in the state. The DBE Certification team also conducts annual reviews to renew DBE certifications, processes interstate certification applications for out of state DBE firms to do business in Arizona, while also focusing on outreach and recruitment to help increase the number of certified DBEs in underutilized transportation disciplines.

DBE Supportive Services

The DBE Supportive Services program provides business support services for DBEs and small businesses.  Programs include New DBE Orientation program, Business Development Program, “Lunch and Learn” series of workshops, Annual Conference and Expo, networking events, one-on-one business and technical assistance, bi-monthly task force meetings to identify and address barriers to entry and other education programs about doing business with ADOT.

OJT Supportive Services & Workforce Development

Works with Community Colleges, Native American Tribes and other agencies to implement Construction Academy programs to train, place and provide transportation and childcare services for women, minorities, veterans and economically disadvantaged individuals in highway construction jobs. The program also helps to fund and implements a National Summer Transportation Institute for high school juniors and seniors through a summer residential program at Arizona State University and local programs at Gateway and Pima Community Colleges.     


DBE Compliance

The DBE compliance team provides DBE compliance oversight and monitoring for federally-funded contracts from award inception to contract closeout. They set DBE goals on contracts, review contractor’s good faith efforts to meet DBE goals, reviews and approves DBE percentage commitments on contracts, collaborate with Field Offices on subcontractor payment reporting and prompt payment compliance, collaborate with Inspectors to conduct DBE Commercially Useful Function reviews and reviews DBE certifications of final payments at the end of contracts to determine if contractors met their DBE contract goals.

On the Job (OJT) Compliance

Per federal regulations, construction contractors are required to recruit, employ and train women, minorities, veterans and economically disadvantaged individuals on federally-funded highway construction projects and to help these individuals reach journey-level status in a variety of highway construction crafts. The OJT Compliance team has worked with the construction industry to develop and implement a project-based OJT program that allows these individuals to move from project to project with a contractor with a higher likelihood of sustained employment.  All aspects of the program is coordinated by the OJT Compliance team in conjunction with other ADOT departments.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The EEO Team conducts desk and onsite reviews to ensure that construction contractors working on federal-aid contracts are in compliance  with  23 CFR Part 230 federal EEO requirements to not discriminate and take affirmative action to assure equal employment opportunities for its workforce.

Technology and Federal Reporting

The Technology and Federal Reporting team develops and manages websites, tracking and software systems used by BECO to implement its programs. These include Business Coach on DemandAZ UTRACS, the ADOT DBE and OJT Online Reporting System (DOORS) and LPA DBE Systems. They coordinate with many other ADOT areas to collect required data and develop reports that are submitted monthly, semi-annually and annually to FHWA, FTA and FAA.  They also help identify and implement software solutions for BECO programs and provide BECO management with meaningful information to help facilitate data-driven decision making within the unit.

Business Coach on Demand

ADOT is committed to helping businesses — especially small and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) — enhance their opportunities to participate in ADOT contracts. This website is dedicated to providing accessible guidance about how to work with ADOT, from beginning to end.  If you can’t find what you need in the website, or want a little help, just ask a question.

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