Contact Business Engagement and Compliance

You may reach us by mailing to our physical address:

1801 West Jefferson Street
Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602.712.7761
Fax: 602.712.8429

You may also contact our staff directly by email or phone.

Operations Staff and Contacts
Position Contact Phone
Employee and Business Development Administrator Vivien Lattibeaudiere, Ph.D. 602.712.4071
Assistant Administrator Employee & Business Development Florentina Samartinean 602.712.7415
Office Manager Joneé Rideaux 602.712.8323
Administrative Assistant III Kimberly Johnson 602.712.2257
Business Development Staff and Contacts
Position Contact Phone
Small Business Development Officer Vacant 602.712.7370
Certification Program Manager Kellye Adams 480.589.6933
DBE Certification Specialist Amelia Martinez 602.712.4070
DBE Supportive Services Program Manager Francesca Martin 602.712.8588
DBE Supportive Services Specialist Adam Campos 602.712.5729
OJT/Workforce Development Program Manager Steve Navis 602.712.8125
Compliance Staff and Contacts
Position Contact Phone
Contract Compliance and Training Officer Gabriel Demarbiex 602.712.7126
DBE Compliance Program Manager Crispina Mata 602.712.2966
Alternative Delivery Project Manager Steve Haley 602.712.4088
LPA/Subrecipient Program Manager Melanie Peterson 602.712.7711  
Field Compliance and Training Technician
(Central and Northern Region)
David Trovillion 928.779.7510
Field Compliance and Training Technician
(Southern Region)
Jolene De La Ossa 520.388.4239
OJT/DBE Compliance Technician Sharon Bova 602.712.7719
OJT/DBE Compliance Technician Kristina Collazo 602.712.7180
OJT/DBE Compliance Technician Alma Lozano 602.712.8191
Technology and Reporting Staff and Contacts
Position Contact Phone
Technology and Federal Reporting Officer Brooke Denevan 602.712.8273
Management Analyst IV Jason Gillmore 602.712.8146
Management Analyst II Manny Rodriguez 602.712.2134