DBE Goal Requests (Contract Compliance)

All ADOT contracting groups and staff utilizing FHWA funds must have their projects assessed for a DBE goal prior to advertising a contract by submitting a DBE goal assessment request via the online DBE Contract Goal Setting Application. The system allows ADOT Project Managers and others desiring to advertise, procure, and administer FHWA-funded contracts to directly input information about the project into the system, including the project number, location of the project, project description and the total estimated dollars for each work category involved in the project. 

If this is your first time using the DBE Goal Setting Application, you must request access to the application by submitting a Service Desk ticket with a CARF.  After you receive access, click on the link below to access the system.  

It is recommended that you read the User Manual below before working within the DBE Contract Goal Setting Application.  Be sure to complete all fields in the system and provide a detailed Scope of Work Description so the goal can be narrowly tailored to the project.  If incomplete or unclear information is provided, the request will be returned and the Goal Requestor will be asked to make changes to the submitted Goal Request.

DBE goals are automatically calculated by the system based on the information submitted.  The system-generated goal is evaluated by the DBE Goal Setting Committee and may be adjusted based on a number of factors, if applicable, to help ensure that the DBE goal is narrowly tailored for each project/contract. These factors include the project type, location of project, DBE availability and possible subcontractable opportunities. The DBE Goal Assessment Committee meets weekly; therefore, DBE goals assessments generally take 2-7 business days, if additional information is needed from the Goal Requestor, more time will be required. Please plan accordingly. 

When goal assessments are complete, the system will automatically email users with the assessed DBE goal for the project. If your project includes a DBE goal, that information must be included in the contract advertisement. Some projects may be assessed as “race-neutral” meaning no goal or a "0%" goal was assessed. For questions regarding the Goal Assessment process contact [email protected] or call the Business Engagement & Compliance Office at 602.712.7761.