National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) program

While research suggests construction is projected to have the highest growth rate among occupations in many parts of the nation, including Arizona, minorities, women, veterans and disadvantaged individuals are under-represented in the industry.

The On-the-Job Training and Supportive Services Program (OJTSS) program will administer the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) to provide educational and training opportunities for middle and high school students within Arizona, specifically targeting the underrepresented populations. The NSTI is intended to create awareness and stimulate interest in high school participants that may wish to take advantage of career opportunities that exist in the transportation industry, to provide academic enhancement activities, and to encourage students to pursue transportation-related course work at the college and university level.

The program has an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classes. The NSTI will be offered in the summer of 2020. Updates and applications for the program will be found on this page by January 2020.