Current Alternative Delivery Projects

Current Alternative Delivery Projects

Special Design Build

PlanHolders Advertisement Route County Milepost TRACS # Project # Submittal Deadline Proposal Submittal Deadline Bid Opening RFP Status Documents and Addenda Type of Work
  019 SC 000 F034701C 019-A-(241)T 2/17/2021       Bid Results  

Public Private Partnership (P3) Projects

RFQ Package Route County
TRACS# Submittal Deadline Documents and Addenda Type of Work
    010 MA 161 F072101C   documents folder icon  Memo

I-10, SR 202L (SanTan/South Mountain) to Gila River Bridge, Design-Build Capacity Improvements

Ad RFQ 010 MA 155 F007201C 7/2/19 documents folder icon  Ranking Results Capacity Additions, Major Widening
  RFQ 017 YV 244 H680001C 12/23/19 documents folder icon  Ranking Results Design, Build, Operate, Maintain I-17, Anthem Way TI to Jct. SR 69 (Cordes Junction)
  RFQ 999 A 571 F069601C 11/16/2023 documents folder icon  Ranking Results Design and Build of the I-40 and I-17 Rest Area Truck Parking

Last Updated 10/27/2023