Geotechnical Services

The function of Geotechnical Services is to provide both design support and operations services. The Geotechnical Design Services provide technical support to IDO and ADOT Districts. Geotechnical Services also provides support and guidance to geotechnical consultants and any geotechnical-related requests outside of these consultants for the agency. The Geotechnical Operations provides field investigative services such as pavement coring, test pit excavations, monitoring of inclinometers and piezometers, and other methods of field support.

ADOT Geotechnical Project Development Manual (2022)

The new Geotechnical Project Development Manual contains requirements and guidance for the following: planning; field exploration methods and procedures; geotechnical investigation requirements; analysis and design; and geotechnical report guidelines.

LRFD Geotechnical Design Memorandums

Contains structural foundation (drilled shaft and spread footing) and retaining wall design guidelines and policies.

MSE Walls Pre-Approved Systems List and MSE Walls Design Support Documents

The systems listed were approved by ADOT Geotechnical Services and were previously listed on ADOT’s Approved Product List (APL). These products will remain in approved status until a new Approved Systems List (ASL) is created.

ADOT Preliminary Engineering and Design Manual (1989)

This manual is for information purposes only. Portions of this manual have been replaced by the ADOT Pavement Design Manual (2017) and the ADOT Geotechnical Project Development Manual (2021).