ADOT utilizes Bentley CONNECT Edition software, including OpenRoads Designer, and OpenBridge Designer, ProStructures, Microstation Connect, OpenRoads SignCAD, OpenCities Map, etc. ADOT's intended implementation strategy for incorporating this software on existing and new projects is as follows:

  • All projects that will be delivered prior to December 31, 2020 may be completed and delivered utilizing previous Bentley software versions.
  • For all design projects to be delivered after January 1, 2021, ADOT shall utilize the Bentley CONNECT Edition software versions.
  • For all design projects initiated after January 1, 2021, ADOT shall utilize the Bentley CONNECT Edition software versions.

Consultants doing business with ADOT are encouraged to follow this implementation strategy. Understanding that there are different software licensing agreements consultants may have with the software developer, Consultants may implement their own strategy based on their business needs. However, Consultants must deliver all finished CADD files/products to ADOT in accordance with ADOT standards and requirements.

It is the consultant's responsibility to monitor this website and following communications to ensure that their work follows ADOT standards.

ADOT CADD Standards questions may be emailed to ADOT CADD Standards. All Bentley product questions related to training, licensing, and production must be directed to the consultant's respective representative.


Bentley CONNECT Edition

ADOT is providing these resources for incorporation with the Bentley CONNECT Edition software. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information. ADOT has incorporated it’s construction standards into the Bentley Environment and works the same as Bentley (out of the box). Your Bentley Representative should help with your contract and Bentley Support.


Bentley CONNECT Edition Versions:

  • OpenBridge Designer v10.08.00.17
  • ProStructures v10.03.00.58
  • OpenRoads Designer v10.07.03.18
  • MicroStation CONNECT v10.13.01.01 Update 13
  • OpenRoads SignCAD v10.01.00.07
  • OpenCities Map v10.04.00.42

Install leaves previous and new version

  • OpenBridge Designer CE 2021 Release 1 v10.10.00.26
  • OpenRoads Designer CE 2021 Release 1 v10.10.01.03

Install updates previous versions

  • OpenRoads SignCAD v10.02.00.11
  • ProStuctures CONNECT Edition v10.05.02.51 Update 5
  • OpenCities Map Advanced CONNECT Edition v10.16.02.14 Update 16

No New MicroStation CONNECT, use ORD or OBD > Drawing Workflow

ADOT Standard Drawings - Index of Sheets

Name PDF MicroStation Effective
1A – Construction Standards 1A.pdf 1A.dgn August 2023
1B-1 – Traffic Signing and Marking Standards (Sheet 1 of 2) 1B-1.pdf 1B-1.dgn October 2023
1B-2 – Traffic Signing and Marking Standards (Sheet 2 of 2) 1B-2.pdf 1B-2.dgn October 2023
1C-1 – Traffic Signals and Lighting Standards (Sheet 1 of 2) 1C-1.pdf 1C-1.dgn December 2023
1C-2 – Traffic Signals and Lighting Standards (Sheet 2 of 2) 1C-2.pdf 1C-2.dgn December 2023
1D – Structure Detail Drawings 1D.pdf 1D.dgn October 2023
1E – ITS Standards 1E.pdf 1E.dgn October 2021


Questions may be emailed to ADOT CADD Standards.