V8i SELECTseries Resources

V8i SELECTseries Resources

These resources work with MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 10


The purpose of this main ADOT CADD page is to provide a common location for ADOT's shared resources and links to the pages for resources that are available through the individual groups or sections within ADOT.



ADOT's current standard CADD graphics software is MicroStation V8i, and it is required on all in-house and consultant projects.

In addition to MicroStation, ADOT uses these resources:

  • InRoads Suite SS2, Bentley's design tools for roads, sites, survey and storm and sanitary systems
  • SignCAD, sign-creation software



Updates will be posted as they become available. Business-area updates are posted on the individual group web pages (links located below). It is the user's responsibility to ensure the most current resource is being used to maintain compliance with ADOT project development, deliverables and CADD standards. Many of the specific drafting guidelines are available at the group level and are specific to the requirements of each group.


Common Resources

The ADOT CADD resource Zip file provides the basic common files that are used to set up a basic ADOT environment without the resources available from the individual ADOT group resources. Instructions are also available within the Zip file.

The Utilities CADD resources, Instructions and zip file, are available for use as a common resource to all ADOT projects.


Individual Group CADD Standards and Resources