Materials Quality Assurance

Materials Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Section of the ADOT Materials Group is committed to ensuring the highest-quality standard for materials sampling and testing throughout the state of Arizona.


The QA section performs these functions:

  • Manages the Annex Facility for the repair, fabrication and calibration of materials testing equipment
  • Develops, revises and issues materials for the quality-assurance manual and materials test methods
  • Inspects all ADOT and ADOT approved independent laboratories to ensure proper test methodology and equipment
  • Conducts the ADOT proficiency sample program
  • Maintains AASHTO accreditation of the Central Materials Laboratory
  • Assures that adequate and precise materials testing is performed in compliance with specifications on each ADOT project
  • Maintains a directory of ADOT approved materials testing laboratories
  • Works in conjunction with the Arizona Technical Training Institute (ATTI) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) to ensure quality materials sampling and testing through technician certification
  • Provides input and expertise for materials-related areas
  • Administers the ADOT Radiation Safety Program


Materials Quality Assurance Program

Designation Published Date Title
Quality Assurance Program Manual November 7, 2023 Materials Quality Assurance Program Manual
Appendix A January 17, 2014 Certification Acceptance Quality Assurance Requirement
Appendix B January 17, 2014 Final Certification of Materials for Consultant Administered Projects
Appendix C July 14, 2023 Sampling Guide Schedule
Appendix D January 17, 2014 Code of Federal Regulations (23 CFR 637, Subpart B) "Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction"
QAP Contractor Performed Acceptance November 24, 2020 Quality Assurance Program for Project Utilizing Contractor Performed Acceptance
Policy and Practices 19b (PPD-19b) June 23, 2023 ADOT System For The Evaluation Of Testing Laboratories


Certificates of Materials

Designation Published Date Title
Certificates November 2, 2016 Certificate Requirement


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