Roadway CADD Resources

Roadway CADD Resources

Below are the Roadway Engineering CADD Resources. The resources listed below are updated periodically; therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the use of the most current resources.


CADD Resources and Guides

Additional CADD Standards and Resources are available from the ADOT CADD Resources page, which is available in a link below under "Other Resources."

Drafting Guides for Use in Office and Field

The current Drafting Guides for use in Office and Field are available below in PDF format for use on Roadway Engineering projects.

Listed below are the Historical Drafting Guides made available for reference.

Roadway Engineering Resource Files for V8i

The Roadway Engineering CADD Resource Zip file is available as a complete downloadable resource file below.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure the most current resource is being used to maintain compliance with ADOT project development, deliverables and ADOT CADD standards.

Construction Standards Index Sheet 1A

The construction standards index page is used in project plans and shows the current standard number, name and revision date. Links are provided below to the individual groups that may have additional construction standard sheets required.

General Notes

The following Roadway Design general notes are cells that can be found in the roadway.cel library.

Note Description
GN01 Roadway plans have been designed utilizing the Construction Standard Drawing (C-Series). Refer to the 1A sheet for a listing of current revision dates.
GN02 Right-of-Way markers shall be furnished and placed by ADOT Right of Way Plans Section forces.
GN03 The project roadway shall be striped by the contractor in accordance with the current edition of the Signing and Marking Standard Drawings (M and S-Series) and the pavement marking plans.
GN04 The project roadway shall be striped by the contractor in accordance with the current edition of the Signing and Marking Standard Drawings (M and S-Series).
GN05 For Right-of-Way information not shown, see Right of Way Project No._ _ _ _ _ _ _.
GN06 Bench markers will be furnished by the state and shall be placed by the contractor: Std C-21.20.
GN07 Pavement lift thickness is nominal.
GN08 Where only the horizontal location of an existing utility is shown, the location is approximate. Where both the horizontal and vertical location of an existing utility is shown, the location has been verified by field survey methods. The contractor shall comply with all current Blue Stake laws and Section 107.15 of the Specifications.
GN09 GN09 has been removed from the library and is no longer in use.
GN10 Delineators, object markers and mile post markers shall be removed and reset as required.
GN11 The average project elevation is _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
GN12 New Right of Way and easements are not required.
GN13 Changes in location or length of spillway or downdrain installation may be made by the engineer to improve drainage conditions.
GN14 Survey monuments in the median must not be disturbed.
GN15 Slope rounding shall be applied per Standard C-02 series unless otherwise noted.
GN16 Right of Way is not required. Specific use easements are required: see plans.
GN17 The pavement shoulders shall be treated with a rumble strip: see Traffic sheets.


Standard Summary Sheets

The Summary Sheets listed below are found as cells in the Roadway Engineering CADD Cell Library called summary.cel and are part of the Roadway CADD Resource file.

Summary Sheet Type Cell Name
Barrier Rural (BSUMRURALF)
Barrier Urban (BSUMURBANF)
New Pipe (NPSUMF)
New CBC and CBC Extension (BOXCULSUMF)
CAP Extension (CAPSUMF)
CSP Extension (CSPSUMF)
New Pipe Sleeve (PSSUMF)

Top and Bottom Sheets are also available in the summary.cel library. The cell names are designated with a T for Top and a B for Bottom at the end of the Cell Name.


Other Resources