The Railroad Team is responsible for three primary functions:

  • Working with railroad companies when an ADOT-managed project involves a railroad
  • Managing the Federal Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Program (i.e., Section 130)
  • Managing the Statewide Railroad Crossing Inventory

Please note that the Utility and Railroad Section does not have any oversight of the Valley Metro light rail, the Tucson Street Car or Commuter Rail Planning. ADOT's Multimodal Planning Division is responsible for these functions and these are their Web pages:




Useful Links

How can I report a train blocking a crossing? 

You can report blocked crossings directly to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) by visiting their website. https://www.fra.dot.gov/blockedcrossings/

How can I contact the railroad to report an issue/blocked crossings or ask a question?

  • Locate the blue and white ENS sign at the nearest railroad crossing. 
  • Call the railroad's contact number listed on the blue sign posted at the crossing. 
  • Communicate your location by providing the identification number.

For more information on how to locate the ENS sign, watch this helpful video:

Find the blue and white ENS sign PSA