Arizona State Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Action Plan


The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is currently developing the Arizona State Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Action Plan (SHRAP). A SHRAP is a plan for how best to promote safety at the nearly 700 active public highway-railroad crossings in Arizona.

Railroad crossings present the potential for conflicts between trains and other users at the crossings. Improving safety on Arizona’s roads is a top priority for ADOT, but it takes intentional planning to bring about effective safety improvements.

Every state is required to develop a SHRAP. The federal deadline for submittal of the SHRAP is February 14, 2022.

Providing Input

We want to hear your thoughts about how best to promote safety at the existing public highway-railroad crossings in Arizona. Please also let us know if you have safety concerns at specific highway-railroad crossings.

Please take a brief survey on this important topic. The deadline for taking the survey is November 24, 2021.


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