On-Call Statements of Interest

On-Call Statements of Interest

Upcoming Projects for On-Call Contract Utilizing QBS

Consistent with 23 CFR Part 172, all individual Task Orders on applicable contracts that were advertised utilizing the mini-QBS process will be assigned to an on-call consultant based on a competitive basis. Attached are the anticipated upcoming projects which ADOT will request Statements of Interest (SOI) from prime consultants.

Current Requests for Statement of Interest (SOI)

Listed below are the current requests for Statement of Interest for Task Orders to be assigned on the various contract series, including any Amendments issued. Only prime consultants selected for the specific contract series will be allowed to submit. Any submission from a firm not currently identified as a prime consultant on the contract series listed with be rejected. Assignments to this on-call will be on a competitive basis, unless determined to be in the best interest of the State. It will be the responsibility of the prime consultant to monitor the ECS website for any SOIs posted or amendments issued. ECS will NOT send our notifications directly to firms regarding posted SOIs or amendments. Any Amendments issued as part of a Request for SOI shall be signed and included in the SO submittal. Failure to do so shall result in rejection of the SOI.

For additional available project documents view the Completed Transportation Studies.

Contract Number Project Name Statement of Interest (SOI)
2022-006 Chino Road Extension Phase T0581 01D/03D
2024-016 Santa Maria River Bridge SR 96/010 F0584 01D