Engineering Consultants

ADOT’s Engineering Consultants Section (ECS) is responsible for prescribing and administering procedures for managing ADOT’s professional services contracts which are exempt from the State Procurement Code (ARS 41-2501).  It is ECS’s responsibility to ensure these procedures and the administration of the contracts are compliant with applicable State and Federal regulations.  ECS is committed to providing fair, equitable, efficient, timely, accurate, professional, and quality service to the Department and its stakeholders, consistent with the Department’s goals and objectives in meeting the transportation needs of the State of Arizona. The information contained on these pages is intended to provide professional services consultants with material to help them to do business more efficiently with the Department.

Consultant Prequalification

Find information about the ECS Prequalification process.  Architectural/Engineering firms must prequalify in order to do design work for ADOT.


Find current and pending advertisements.


Find pending and recent selections.

Information Bulletins

Information Bulletins provide the most current information regarding updates to ECS policies and procedures and should be reviewed regularly by prequalified consultants.

Consultant Resources

This page contains instructions for gaining and setting up access to ADOT's eCMS and instructions and guidelines for SOQ submission and the evaluation program.

Forms and Templates

Check this page for sample contracts, certifications and a variety of forms.

Policies and FAQ

Check this page to peruse ADOT policies, related links and frequently asked questions about engineering consultants.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Programs

ADOT's Engineering Consultants Section seeks to ensure compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 26, through proper contract execution and successful management of all DBE contracts.

Local Public Agency Consultant Procurement

In accordance with the FHWA-ADOT Stewardship and Oversight Agreement for Arizona, referred to as the Stewardship Agreement, ADOT may delegate to the local public agencies (LPAs) the authority to self-administer projects or administer a project under the FHWA Certification Acceptance Program.

Contact Us

This page offers the contact information for ECS staff.